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Jodocus Badius Ascensius | Josse Bade

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Title: ‘Hecuba et Iphigenia’.
Author: Euripides
Translator: Desiderius Erasmus
Printer: ex officina Josse Bade
Illustrator: -
Engraver: -
Location: Paris
Year: 1506
Links: [Scan 1], [USTC].

Jodocus Badius Ascensius used three marks that showed a printing press during his career. The earliest one in 1506-1507, a second one in 1520, and a third one in 1521. Philippe Renouard (1969) describes the three marks on page 19 and 20.

Madan (1895), page 226-7: ‘All three represent a printer in the act of taking an impression, standing on the right, and behind him an assistant with ink-balls, while on the left is a compositor at work. In the first we see a straight bar, apparently detachable, and a platen of very small size compared with the bed on which it comes down. ... There is also a handle and apparatus for running the form in and out. The title 'Prelū Ascensianū' in one line is on the press, and a monogram between ‘I’, and ‘B’ at foot.’

Abraham Horodisch (1974), page 185: ‘In seiner frühesten Druckermarke (Abb. 37) - zuerst 1507 erschienen - nimmt die Presse mit der Inschrift Prelu[m] Asce[n]sianu[m] den zentralen Platz ein, .... Unter der Presse das Monogramm iVAb, aufgelöst Jodocus Van Asche Badius. Bemerkt sei, daß die Worte Prelum Ascensianum in dieser - wie auch in seinen folgenden Marken - nicht in Holz geschnitten sind, sondern in das dafür im Holzstock freigebliebene Feld typographisch eingesetzt sind. Diese Marke benutzt er 13 Jahre lang.’

Nigel Roche (2000), page 15: ‘A variant mark, used by Badius, in which the same wood block as B has the inscription ‘Prelū Ascēsianū’ rather than ‘Prelū Ascensianū’; the block was pierced for this type to be dropped in.’




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